Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moving Forward

Finally! Finally something wedding related has come to fruition. Okay, Okay its not like I'm super on top of the planning game, but I do have a list of venues to visit and our save the dates picked out and now I have my wedding dress and veil. It all happened so suddenly. I took my dad to look at a dress that I had been seriously considering as THE dress, but before we went to look at it I decided to pop in to another dress store that had been closed the day that I went to Cullman. I knew the minute I put the dress on that it was meant to be mine unfortunately with a 1200 dollar price tag I quickly saw my dream dress slipping away. Turns out the store was going out of business and the owner was selling her stock 50% off! I know what you are thinking. Buying a dress off the rack is a little iffy (and I shouldn't be so happy about this store closing. I do feel sorry for the owner). It has been tried on by other people and is probably dirty with a makeup smudge here or there. Nope! Not at all. She had only received that dress a month ago it was a brand new style and had been used primarily as a window display. There wasn't a bead out of place. Daddy bought the dress I bought my veil. Done and Done! Well except for the alterations, but lets not nitpick.
It is such a relief to have something go right. It's starting to feel like this wedding is really going to happen. Standing a year down the road from the big day can make it feel more like a fairy tale than an actuality. Logically of course I know that Kris and I will eventually get married, but owning my dress is a tangible truth. The wedding ball is rolling! The dress was kinda my most motivating task and now that I have it I'm ready to elope ;)


  1. But now you have it and it can be hanging in your closet. Every time you feel like it is never going to happen or you are never going to get there, just go look at your dress. Take it in and remember, time will go by, whether is feels fast or slow, you will get to your wedding day! (And the day countdown on the mirror always helps!) Love you and so excited for you!

  2. A. You are not going to elope without taking me to be your witness! I forbid it! I'll have to keep a close eye on you... lol
    B. I really am so happy you found your dress. I have that picture saved on my phone and I'm just glad it's so easy to be excited for you. I think your wedding is going to be a bigger event on my calendar than it should be!! But I love you. And Kris. Just keep me filled in. I'M SO EXCITED!!