Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Check, Check, and Check

There is one thing more to be said about Kris' presence in my life. He is a decision maker and since he has been home many wedding decisions have been made. BAM! Venue! POW! Guest list! KAZAM! Music for the bridal march! I've loved having his input. I don't know why people think that girls are just born with the innate knowledge of wedding planning. Having Kris along for the ride makes me feel as if the success or failure of this event does not rest solely on my shoulders. I have a partner in crime.
First things first. We have settled on a venue and it came at exactly the right time. Kris and I had spent the day venue hunting and it had been a major bust. I was ready to completely give up and I told my patient fiance as much. I was tired and cranky and disappointed with our current options. Kris put me down for an afternoon nap and prayed that I would wake up in a better mood. We had one last venue appointment for the day and I desperately hoped that he would not even bother waking me up to make said appointment. But never let it be said that Kristopher Joseph Kuss is a coward because wake me up he did and thank goodness.
Capps Cove is a Bed and Breakfast complete with a rustic chapel that I fell in love with almost instantly. Miraculously it also fit in our budget. The reception space was included in the cost and is a charming barn space. I know, I know, you guys want to see pictures. I shall oblige.

And an idea of the reception space:

Just a peek I don't want to spoil the big wedding day reveal. Anyway so Kris and I loved the feel of the place, the simple beauty, and the price. We settled on it right away. We also have pretty much complete freedom over how we arrange and decorate the spaces. There is only one down side. It only holds 100 guests. Needless to say Kris and I sat down as soon as we got home and massacred what had started out as a monstrous guest list of upwards of 300 (I have a LARGE family). I do hate leaving so many people who we love out of our celebration, but we loved the venue and we loved the idea of not bankrupting my parents. I am also glad to be crossing things off the list.
Since settling on the venue and locking down the general look of the wedding I have changed my mind about wedding colors, but I found flowers that I adore. Things are moving forward in kind of a sideways manner. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me...oh well.


  1. The venue is perfect for you two! Can't wait!! Kris loves being so involved in the planning... and it needs to be a team event since it signifies the beginning of a very long partnership. Love ya! =)

  2. Yay! The venue is beautiful! I am so glad that Kris is involved. I think it makes wedding planning all the more special when both are involved. I loved having Austin involved as well! I am glad you guys are crossing things off the list!