Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Unfreezing of the Monies

It's been a while since I've posted anything about the wedding and that is because there hasn't been much to report. School has pretty much taken my focus over the past couple of months and due to my enormous tuition bill this time around, wedding money has been put on hold. So in order to avoid stressing about the freeze on my wedding budget I have pretty much avoided thinking about the whole thing. I don't like to get my hopes up in case plans don't work out. However Kris and I have put the deposit down on the space so I feel like things are going to happen...or we are out three hundred bucks. Either way it is more promising than before and since my tuition has been handled money for the wedding will be more forthcoming.
The majority of important wedding decisions have mostly been made so paying for them is the next step. And while parting with a significant amount of money is always nauseating for me I can't help but be exited that we are finally making things happen. I mean we signed a contract for heavens sake. That alone makes it feel more concrete. Not that my marrying Kris was ever in doubt I just had a couple of personal concerns about the actuality of having a wedding.
At this point all my bridesmaids have been notified so I can finally post their names in a concise list so anyone who is reading this will finally know. My bridesmaids consist of my sister; Tory and Elaina, my best friends Natalie and Amanda, and my soon to be sister Kelsey :). Victoria is my maid of honor due to the fact that she is pushy and violent and I feared for my safety. If you couldn't tell that was a joke...mostly.
At this point the wedding party is locked in with the notable exception of our flower girl. We wanted my cousin Macee to cutesy up the proceedings by walking her sassy self down the aisle. Unfortunately for use she is staunchly refusing even after months of persuasion and in some cases pleaded. Nothing is cracking this kid! Not the promises of walking with the ring bearer my little cousin Brody who is her favorite person or a gift of puppies. Seriously I tried to give her Jayda in exchange for her cooperation. Well not give her away, but play time was definitely on the table. Macee is firm in her five year old decision. The one time this kid makes a decision that isn't about candy happens to be one that affects my wedding. Go figure. I don't know what to do with her. One thing is for sure I'm not dragging an unwilling child into our wedding. My other option is my cousin Joanna who is nine and is a pro at flower girl-ing. I was going to have her as a jr. bridesmaid, but we shall see how this plays out.
This will be the abrupt end of my post because I am sleepy.

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