Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There are very few things about wedding planning that I have actually like. The majority of the things that I get excited about picking out is murdered by the number crunching that I am forced to do afterward. All of a sudden my heart rate increases, I start to sweat, and I can feel panicked tears threatening. The very small allotment of money that I have to use for my wedding is trickling away and I know that there are expenses that we haven't accounted for. Little things add up. It almost outweighs the benefits of a wedding. I know that I'm probably hurting people's feelings by saying that. It's just that all I really care about is being married and for the majority of my life I have avoided things that stress me out if I can. This whole wedding thing is something that in theory I could have avoided and instead I am this emotional ball of stress. I hate being in charge of events. I hate spending large amounts of money that we barely have. I know people are helping and I am so appreciative, but it doesn't help the fact that I am on the forefront of money allotment and I'm not equipped to deal with it appropriately. I will never plan anything like this again. A kids birthday party will be the extent of my planning. I'm sorry.

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